Sanda oil ke fayde in Hindi/Urdu

Saandhha Oil (also known as Sandha Oil) is a precious gift of natural Ayurveda for men. Saandhha Oil is also referred as penile nourishment massage oil. Sandha Oil is safe Ayurvedic preparation blended with essential herbs that may be helpful in blood supply to male organ. Saandhha Oil is made up of special herbs which are safe and natural, act supportive formula for men erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This Saandhha massage oil may be helpful for sexual problems and can be beneficial in problems that concern strength, size and performance. Indications of Saandhha Oil This ayurvedic Saandhha massage oil has visible improvements in sexual related problems in men. Differences one can expect to see are : Male vigor Quality of sperm Hardness of penis Erectile dysfunction Male impotency Ingredients of Saandhha Oil Saandhha Oil/Sandha Oil is blended with aphrodisiac herbs for sexual related problems in men.
It contains natural ingredients like Dhatura and Ashwagandha that has helped humans for their problems from longest known time. It is naturally blended massage oil and have no known side effects. It contains : Ashawgandha Extract (winter cherry) Kalaunji Oil (nigella seed) Sura sur Dhatura Mustard Oil Dosage of Saandhha Oil Massage everyday in the morning and night with 10 to 15 drops externally, or as prescribed by the doctor.

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